italic text
bold text
italic and bold
underline text
strikethrough text
teletype (monospaced) text
normal superscript
normal subscript
custom span element
My span element
My span element
predefined or custom-code color

smaller text
larger text
80% of current size
100% of current size
150% of current size
80% of current size
100% of current size
150% of current size

xx-small text
x-small text
small text
large text
x-large text
xx-large text
text size 7 pixels
text size 18.75 pixels

First paragraph. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.

Second paragraph. Aenean a libero. Vestibulum adipiscing, felis ac faucibus imperdiet, erat lacus accumsan neque, vitae nonummy lorem pede ac elit.
Just a new line.
Another new line.

Only 5x space+ Enter:

Last line after 5 x enter

With special Line-Break:

Last line after 5 x special line-Break


em — dash

This text gets parsed.
This //text// does not get **parsed**.

HTML entities: U umlaut: รผ
Hello world @@ !!!!
Something **not** bold
[[module ListPages]]
Copyright sign: ยฉ
Or, @< and >@

Level 1 Heading

Level 2 Heading

Level 3 Heading

Level 4 Heading

Level 5 Heading
Level 6 Heading

This section appears in the TOC

And this one does not

Neither does this one

  • Bullet 1
  • Bullet 2
    • Bullet 2.1
  • Bullet 1
    another line
  • Bullet 2
    • Bullet 2.1
  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
    1. Item 2.1
  1. Item 1
    another line
  2. Item 2
    1. Item 2.1
head 1 head 2 head 3
cell 1 cell 2 cell 3
long cell 4 cell 5
cell 6 long cell 7
looong cell 8
lines must start and end with double vertical bars nothing
cells are separated by double vertical bars nothing
you can span multiple columns by starting each cell
with extra cell separators
but perhaps an example is
the easiest way to see
  • Item1 [[li_ style="color: red;"]]Item 2
    1. [[li_]]Item 2.1[[/li]]
      [[li_]]Item 2.2[[/li]]

Item 1
Item 2
Something else
Item 1
another line
Item 2
Something else

This is normal text here.

Indent me! The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Now this the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. Notice how we can continue the block-quote in the same "paragraph" by using a backslash at the end of the line.
Another block, leading to…

Second level of indenting. This second is indented even more than the previous one.

Back to normal text.


Some text here.

Some [[b]]text![[/b]]

[[checkbox Apple]]
[[*checkbox Blueberry]]
[[checkbox Cherry]]
[[checkbox Durian]]

This text is **not** rendered as Wikitext, but output as-is!

#page-title {
color: purple;

I [[del]]don't[[/del]] like that haircut.

Some text here!

This text is visible.

This text is not.

My website:

Included page "component:fancy-object-class" does not exist (create it now)

I would like some [[ins]]anchovy[[/ins]] pizza please, thank you.

This text appears [[invisible]]but still takes up space, and can be selected.[[/invisible]]

More correct and much more portable than setting the font color to "white".

This text is regular, but [[em]]this text is emphasized[[/em]].

[[newlines 4]]

This text is [[mark]]highlighted![[/mark]]

[[module NameOfModuleHere]] No such module, please check available modules and fix this page.

[[tt]]This output looks like it came from a typewriter or computer terminal.[[/tt]]

Favorite kind of music:

[[radio]] Disco
[[radio]] Dance
[[radio]] Rap
[[*radio]] Noise

This text is regular, but this text is much larger.

This text is in a span: banana

This text is [[s]]struck through![[/s]]

Let this variable be called x[[sub]]A[[/sub]].

Thus, the result is n[[sup]]2[[/sup]].

[[u]]Testing log 7192-45:[[/u]]


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+ list pages


+ list pages


+ list pages


+ list pages


+ list pages


+ list pages


+ list pages


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+ list pages


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+ list pages


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